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it hurts me so when i look up in the sky

'cause my friends turn their heads

10 July 1986
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I'm sailin'
place i've never seen
that's way down south
sweet ol' new orleans
'cause my hometown friends
treat me awfully mean

if i could holler
yeah holler
if i could scream and cry
it hurts me so when i look up in the sky
'cause my friends turn their heads
as they pass me by

now it's rainin'
it's rainin'
the wind's blowing cold
lord, i thought i heard
my train whistle blow
now i'm gonna sail so far
till i won't be back no more

pardon me
pardon me
it's so hard to stand
i ain't got no money
uncle sam has called my name
now there's not a soul
to give me a helpin' hand

Mazzy Star - I'm Sailin

just forget about all of your troubles and dance!!! - bob marley


mi amor<3
my only love

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